Our Success:

The key reason to our success is having an amazing in-house team. All the major subcontractors, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and drywall/ ceiling contractor, are in-house and exclusively work for our firm.The in-house design team consists of architects, engineers, and AutoCAD designers. As a result, additional expenses are eliminated. YBM construction also takes the time to study possible sites prior to lease agreements, which allows us to make recommendations and eliminates any future issues during construction.

Our History:

Having built more than 500 dental offices, YBM has exceptional experience in dealing with permits and inspections. This includes solid relationships with most counties in tri-state area when it comes to plan review and inspection, making the permit process much easier.

Why us?

A great advantage is having one of the owners, also an architect, in the field full time. This provides us the ability to make last minute modifications to plans as needed and obtain approvals on spot, making the inspections process seamless. We also realize some doctors are in delicate situations so we work hard to preserve confidentiality.